Educational Materials

Projet Équateur is committed to providing accurate, up to date information to pilot communities and our partners in the DRC. Given the disparity in education levels and limited access to books, journals and the internet, we have worked to create educational materials that address environmental issues, including climate change and sustainable farming techniques, that are accessible to a wide-array of audiences.

Teaching Posters

These posters address a variety of topics pictorially, with minimal text.

Climate Change>> Available in French and Lingala

The Importance of the Forest>> Available in French and Lingala

Causes of Deforestation>> Available in French and Lingala

The Importance of the Forest and Forest Products>> Available in Lingala

REDD Sensitization>> Available in French and Lingala

Potential REDD Development Activites>> Available in French and Lingala

Planting Seeds in Rows>> Available in French

Fertilizing with Ashes>> Available in French

Benefits of Hedgerows>> Available in French

Benefits of Improved Stoves>> Available in French


These brochures are slightly more detailed, more suited to students and government officials.

Forests>> Available in French

REDD>> Available in French

Climate Change>> Available in French

Deforestation>> Available in French

Informational Posters

These posters contain more text and share our thoughts about REDD+ in the DRC.

Capacity Building for Sustainable Development>> Available in French or English

Forest Landscape Restoration for Sustainable Development and Climate Change>> Available in English

Projet Equateur Early Findings>> Available in English

Projet Equateur Early Achievements>> Available in English

Operational Priorities for Provincial REDD+ in the DRC>> Available in English

Mapping Industrial Agriculture in Central Africa: DRC case study>> Available in English

Monitoring Logging in Central Africa>> Available in English

Map of CO2 Emissions (1990-2000): DRC>> Available in French

A First Estimate of Aboveground Woody Biomass in Africa Using Satellite Imagery and Forest Inventories>> Available in English

Informational Brochures

For more information about Projet Équateur and WHRC.

Projet Équateur Brochure 2016>> Available in English or French

Projet Équateur Brochure 2014>> Available in English, French, and Lingala

Projet Équateur Brochure 2013>> Available in French

WHRC Brochure 2015>> Available in French

WHRC Brochure 2013>> Available in French and Lingala