“Zamba Malamu! The Forest is Good!”

Projet Équateur aims to conserve forests, improve livelihoods and promote sustainable economic development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Named after the province in which it is located, the project utilizes novel community-based approaches to combat deforestation and develop and test models for a “Green Economy”.


Our main office is located in Mbandaka, in the northwestern DRC province of Équateur. Visit the where we work page to learn more about our project sites.

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Biomass Density, Équateur | 2014
Biomass Loss, Équateur | 2001-2014




In order to better inform the REDD+ process in the DRC, Projet Équateur has created a series of maps and educational materials for use within the country. To view and download, please visit our maps and educational materials pages.


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